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Caduceus or staff of Hermes

Carry it in your left hand and

  • deliver message from the gods
  • guide the dead to the underworld (if the above message was that bad)
  • protect merchants (e.g., from thieves)
  • protect thieves from the above merchants
  • protect lying gamblers and gambling liars
  • make peace between all the above disturbed individuals
  • con everybody
  • lead goddesses
  • try to use it in everyday life as much as possible and it will work because it is "the wondrous staff of abundance and wealth which is not subject to death and will protect thee" (as described by Apollo, the original owner of the staff)

Hermes staff is great name for a contracting-hiring-consulting firm.

Note: snakes on the "original" Greco-Roman caduceus coiled only a couple of times around the rod, in addition, the wings, when present, were located below the serpents. The "modern" caduceus representation adopted in the U.S. is based on designs developed by various 19th centuries printers and publishers.

Caduceus as symbol of medicine: controversy

The controversy started shortly after U.S. Army Medical Corps (USAMC) adopted the caduceus as its emblem in 1902 and continues up to day. Traditionaly the staff of Aesculapius (Asklepios) was accepted and is considered as the genuine symbol of medicine. The symbol is very powerful and endured for centuries in many countries including United States. In Greek mythology Aesculapius, god-born mortal, a mythical hero-physician exemplified all virtures of a true healer. Unlike the caduceus the staff of Aesculapius was rough and knobbed and only one snake was coiled around it.

Many medical historians and doctors resent caduceus because its introduction into medical symbolism interrupted ancient connection of medical practice with Aesculapian legacy. Yet there are many other who defend the caduceus and justify its usage as medical emblem.

The following is a compiled list of interesting facts and opinions on the subject.


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